Innovation in Assembly

Effective mashups of services is one of the most significant implementation paradigms in web2.0 design. One particularly exemplary implementation of this concept is ‘programmableweb‘, a service that serves as a one stop shop for all open API’s available for developers to create rish mashups. Not only does it offer constantly updated API’s of commonly used services such as GoogleMaps, Yahoo Services, Amazon, Ebay, Flickr, etc, but it allows supports a massive online community-driven repository of Open API’s, mashup examples, support groups and tutorials for developers looking to identify the best mashup practices for their own implementation requirements.

The main driving force behing this service is the trend where leading software/service providers share a common belief in an open, free-to-use mashup platform, created for the development, interoperability and compatibility of Enterprise Mashup offerings. This is achieved through the focussed development of Enterprise Mashup Markup Language (EMML). ‘Mashups written in EMML can be deployed to any EMML-compliant application.’

This benefits programmableweb in more ways than one..
As of today, programmableweb currently provides 1798 Open API’s offered to a community that has used these to build over 4700 mashups across multipe domains, all offered open source, free of charge; this no is growing.
The latest such example has ’27 APIs Combined to Build 12 Mashups’ such as Twitter, YouTube, Google, BBC, Billboard, Amazon, Facebook, and Flickr.
As a direct result programmableweb is fast emerging as one of the most respected mashup/API sources on the web, and a key member of the Open Mashup Alliance.

The only requirement is that any individual deployment using their mashup sources, should support EMML, in the effort to drive it as an industry standard. You can use these API’s to create a web 2.0 engine that maps directly to your business model and also while include all the relevant services that make your platform more collaborative and community driven.

I believe that the OMA model as applied by programmableweb is truly innovative as it offers virtually limitless possibilities for experienced and inexperienced developers looking to create an effective web 2.0 service mashup. Please feel free to leave your comments.


‘Transforming Information Management with Enterprise Mashups; Some ideas are too powerful to fade, as the Open Mashup Alliance hopes is the case for EMML’. Accessed 21/03/2010.


About Shri Ram
Senior Project Manager with 8 years of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and business management experience in the private sector with key emphasis on program management, strategic project management, account management, vendor management and best-in-class product development utilizing PMBOK/PRINCE2/Agile Project Management Methodologies.

3 Responses to Innovation in Assembly

  1. Jack Marrows says:

    You have really framed that application well in the context of a platform. How the users use that application is decided by the community. Its interesting to hear that the programmable web is moving towards a standard. Do you know whether the heavy weights are on board? I think Google will play a big role in any standards which are adopted by the wider community.

  2. Shri Ram says:

    @ Jack,

    Actually, most of the Kahunas are already on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, etc.. Personally, I feel that the driving force in this will be the EMML standard adoption. Hopefully this will become de-facto.

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