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Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are synonymous with some of the most popular services available on the internet today, such as Google Maps, Youtube, etc. However, these applications are fast replacing the way we think about computing requirements, replacing the need for desktop applications in a growing application space.

One such example is SpatialKey. From their website: ‘SpatialKey is a powerful, innovative, web-based location intelligence solution that enables interactive analysis and reports to be created and shared by decision makers in minutes.’ The SpatialKey application offers a mashup of services to provide location intelligence via geospatial business informatics.

One of the key features of SpatialKey, is that all services take only moments to setup, create, load and use.

SpatialKey Login

There is a very intuitive use of cloud computing as the application UI reportedly loads with the same ease in any of the global business regions (however, this data mainly supports the USA, as of now). SpatialKey requires only a brief setup process for a demo of their services which allow users to upload operational informatics or use their sample data to generate mock-ups of geospatially distributed market intelligence. For the purpose of this analysis, I setup a dummy account with SpatialKey, called InnovativeMedia, headquartered in Dallas-Ft Worth, TX, USA. Using SpatialKey’s sample data, I was able to generate mock-ups of business intelligence – distributed geospatially – with comprehensive analytics, within seconds of completing a 2 min signup process.

SpatialKey Demo GeoData

The actual data required for a full functionality setup is simply – a CSV file generated by an Operations Research / Marketing report. This can then be uploaded to Spatial Data and manipulated through SpatialKey’s Powerful Map Renderings to product a vast variety of reports powered by geospatially rendered operational data.

This application brings together numerous legacy systems & solutions, used in Business Intelligence / Operations Research to generate business models such as Matlab, SAS, etc and provides an intuitively powerful, SOA compliant, mashup that virtually eliminates the need for investment in traditionally expensive legacy solutions and the associated manpower. SpatialKey achieves this by bringing business intelligence right to the operational forefront where it is utilised, empowering service delivery teams to generate, analyse and implement service level management roadmaps without any dependence on market analysts or latency inherent in a formal operations research process. This makes SpatialKey, one of the most prominent RIA implementations available today.

For more information on deployment demos, please ask me for MyLogin to SpatialKey.



About Shri Ram
Senior Project Manager with 8 years of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and business management experience in the private sector with key emphasis on program management, strategic project management, account management, vendor management and best-in-class product development utilizing PMBOK/PRINCE2/Agile Project Management Methodologies.

3 Responses to Rich Internet Applications | SpatialKey

  1. Jack Marrows says:

    A very effective use of media within your blog. You have managed to communicate a lot of information using pictures. I find Spatialkey very interesting and think they have a great business model. They quote that their model is scalable but I would also suggest that once people bring their data to the cloud it may be a lot of effort for them to retrieve it. This will mean until a for better alternative comes along they may continue to use Spatialkey as their data analysis tool.
    Great example of an RIA.

    • koshurbatt says:

      @ Jack – well, actually I believe that portability is not much of a concern.. The data import is actually via a simplified CSV file which is probably one of the most portable data platforms. SpatialKey does allow you to retrieve your core data via CSV, for migration/syncing purposes. Obviously the platform is evolving, and usability concerns will begin to emerge; hopefully, the community model for service delivery will overcome that..

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi koshurbatt,

    SpatialKey is a good example of RIA. nice interface, easy to use and simple as one, two, three. Data is a valuable asset and how to manage it will be the big issue. CSV file is easier data file to import or export to other application platform. Nice example.

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