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Perpetual Beta is a concept that is gaining a lot of popularity on the web in recent years. Gmail, Google Maps, Flickr,, etc are just some services that are popular examples of the perpetual beta movement. However, the concept of perpetual beta is not entirey new – it has its roots in the continuous improvement framework used in business process management which was applied to software-as-a-service deployments, on the web. One really good example of this that makes good use of the dynamics of a constantly changing web application environment is

Classblogmeister is a service in education that allows students and teachers to collaborate towards development of communication skills, continuous improvement of academic content, and help set development priorities for the Classblogmeister service. It covers a range of relevant content areas in education, very well represented in the application cloud:


This is an alphabatized listing of the most commonly used words in the latest 100 teacher blog entries. You can also view a cloud of the most commonly used words in published student blogs.

america answer april awards begin bill blog book books called chart charts check class classroom come comment complete country doing done earth enjoy enter entry evaluate everyone examples excited feel field final findings following friday grade great green group happy help hope images important information inquiry internet keep knowledge learned learning library list looking making middot monday must paper pencils people picture pictures play please post project question questions read reading ready review rhyming school scos share sites social south start story student students studies sunday supplies task tell term terrorism text thanks thinking tuesday types unit video website websites week welcome word words work working world write writing

The process for setting up a Classblogmeister service is very straightforward. During a semester session, users may realise that there are certain features that require further development. The website encourages a community-driven development model supported through a feedback process.

This open approach to software delivery is evident in the usage indices of Classblogmeister. The latest statistics on the website indicate:

261,047  student & teacher bloggers

892,913  blogs posted

15  blogs posted in the last hour

1,113  blogs posted in the last 24 hours

5,588  blogs posted in the last week

A good example of the development flexibility on the website is the latest example – the entire code rewrite of the comments and feedback functionality along with new security features that were implemented on the website on 04/04/2010.

Some features included in this implementation:

  • Teacher Approval Required
  • Class Password Required
  • User must be a Class Blogmeister member
  • User Must be a Class Blogmeister member and a member of the class

Here are some videos on Classblogmeister:

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Senior Project Manager with 8 years of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and business management experience in the private sector with key emphasis on program management, strategic project management, account management, vendor management and best-in-class product development utilizing PMBOK/PRINCE2/Agile Project Management Methodologies.

One Response to Perpetual Beta

  1. Web 2.0 says:


    You use a great example for this pattern; I think that the web2.0 concept ‘Perpetual Beta’ is used by Google Company as one of its ‘corporation strategies.’ Google uses this strategy in plenty of its products.

    If you want to have a look at my blog, I have written about Gmail as example for this pattern…


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